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FUTSAL clinics

Frederick County

The Futsal game is amazing and a lot of fun for young athletes because several times in the game they touch the ball and finish a lot in the goal. This is a perfect experience to control a different ball on a hard floor.

In Brazil, futsal is acclaimed due to the development of quick foot thinking and awareness. During practices, the coach teaches the player to touch the ball 1 or 2 every 29.5 seconds. For the athlete to become a professional in futsal, he needs to keep his head up, control the ball, and always support his teammates.

That's why #BUSA is offering this program. To help the athletes grow through the Beyond Soccer Methodology.

BRAZILIAN FUTSAL clinics and future stars in FREDERICK


  • Who: Boys and Girls

  • When: January 15th to March 5th
    Every Sunday- for 8 weeks

  • Future Stars 3-4 y.o. - 9:00am - 9:45am

        Future Stars 5-6 y.o. - 10:00am -10:50am

       Futsal Clinic 7-9 y.o. - 11:00am - 12:00pm

       Futsal Clinic 10-12 y.o. - 12pm - 1pm

       Futsal Clinic  13-15 y.o. - 1pm - 2pm

  • Where: Sugar Loaf  Rec Center - SRC Gym

  • Investment: $130

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